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God is Good GamezPosted onMay 9, 2018byGod is GoodGamez: “G cubed”.June 1st2018 to 1/1/2020
Escape rooms are booming as people enjoy working together to figure out how to get free.“Price is right” and other game shows continue to cash in on our enjoyment of games, prizes and challenges of every variety.People make money playing video games, skiing down a mountain, playing chess and even eating way too many hot dogs.Our culture is ablaze with the desire for conquest and measurable victory and no-one ever appears to question these flames.Participation in real learning is key.The Edgar Dale cone of experience shows that verbal communication impacts long term retention the least and ‘Direct purposeful experience’ teaches the best.
Why then is the primary method most ministries try to impact people of all ages for God primarily verbal only?Growing up in kids clubs of various kinds we always had game time separate from the Bible teaching.This unintentionally communicates to ch…